Wow it’s been over a year since my last blog post. I guess most of my blog followers have since abandoned me and that’s my fault but let’s be optimistic I’m back and I’ll be here for a while.

A lot has happened since last year. A new website, a new part time job, huge photography contracts, and much much more. To be honest is was overwhelming trying to deal with it all and I made some major compromises and sacrifices along the way. One of the biggest changes came as I transferred from the Science Faculty at the University of Regina to the Faculty of Business with a focus in Marketing. This move will put me in a more advantageous position to take my photography business where I want to after graduation.

Oh sorry, did I forget to mention where I want to take the business? To the ad agencies of course! I like to design and create and I find photography as the perfect avenue to do so. I’m looking for those creative contracts to go onto magazine covers and billboards all over the world. A bit too ambitious? One can argue that but what’s to stop me from trying? I want my images to transcend time and to be talked about for generations to come. Why? That’s my way of changing the world. Miss Aneila and Erik Almas‘ images have changed the way I look at photography and as result they played a part in changing the world. They have altered the way I think and perceive certain things and I simply want to share the magic and pass on the favour. 

The most difficult part is monetizing a passion. A delicate balance of knowing when to be objective and subjective towards your craft in order to put food on the table at the end of the day. It’s not a simple task by any means and after a year being out in the photographic wilderness that delicate balance has become a thing of second nature.

Every week I’ll be sharing information on this blog that I think will be helpful to others, such as tips and tricks that I have delved during my 1 year hiatus. Stay tuned for more!




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