Canadian Elite Boxing Championships

boxing-11So here I am sitting in class an up pops an email on my computer. The president of the local boxing club contacts me on behalf of Boxing Canada to see if I was interested in photographing the Canadian Elite Boxing Championships. Never before had I covered an event like this so I decided to give it a shot. Along with my colleague Emily from Emily Wright Photography we worked in sync to keep up to speed with the very fast paced nature of the event.

The first night I shot well over 7000 images. Certainly this was no fun when it came to editing but it certainly was necessary as the single row tungsten lights to one side  and the red floored ring was a white balance nightmare! I also the arena wasn’t as bright as I would have liked it so I decided to do the complete opposite, leave them in their dark moody state.

This was the first time since the 1980’s that male amateur boxers in Canada were allowed to fight without head gear. We wanted these images to capture the grand atmosphere of the event therefore we edited our images to emphasize the effort and expression of the boxers.

The tense feeling of these images truly capture  the excitement of the event.

Usually the golden rule of an event such as this is to shoot in a rather photojournalistic way, doing minimal editing to the images to preserve their integrity. However the task we were assigned with was to take images that were to be used to bring recognition to the amateur boxings by potential sponsors. As a result I  saw it fit to digitally alter the images to maximize the genuine effort made by all the boxers who stepped into the ring.

Please let me know what you think I the comments.

And also do show your support for my colleague, Emily Wright who worked equally as hard, to ensure we captured images of most, if not all the boxers.


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