Unfinished Business

RoadshowA few weekends ago I did a photo session at Rick Hansen Park in the Northwestern corner of Regina. I was amazed by the spectacular sunset that evening but was even more impressed by the bike path that snaked it’s way through the small rolling hills in that area. I tried to frame a photo with the model that would have the bike path connecting the foreground to the background but I wasn’t too successful. Due to the lack of an assistant and the ‘Mary Poppins’ effect the wind was having on my umbrella flash I really couldn’t focus on getting the shot. The rest of that week all I could think about is how that shot would look on the back of my camera if I got it and this thought bothered me until I managed to arrange another photo session at the same location.

This time with the help of an assistant, I managed to capture the shot that haunted me all week! With the model in the foreground and the road snaking away into the background the only element missing from the actual photo that I envisioned was that golden sunset. That’s was the only thing outside of my control but perhaps I might just go back to that location to get it all right!

Recently I have been carefully designing my sessions according to concepts and ideas that just come to mind. Hopefully by next March I would have a well curated collection of my work to showcase at the local art gallery. Until then thanks for reading and enjoy!


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