Self – Expression

When ever I some free time on my hands I usually get extremely bored. This rarely happens in the summer but it did during this past weekend due to the civic holiday on Monday. With nothing to do, nowhere to go and no one to take photos of, I figured that model would just have to be me. 

This is where and how it happened!

This is where and how it happened!

I decided to setup the session in my back yard simply because it would look somewhat awkward for some guy taking photos of himself in the middle of the park. However this could be argued because self-portraits or ‘Selfies’ as they are affectionately known, have become increasingly popular with the rise of smart phones with double sided camera’s.

I’m absolutely satisfied with this session because the main idea was to produce a final image which shows multiple clones of myself helping me get dressed. I don’t get to say it much often but the final image turned out exactly how I envisioned!

A little bit of light engineering, keen attention to framing and a some elbow grease in Photoshop pulled this one off.


Self portraits usually express a particular meaning or convey a certain message. According to the World English Dictionary, self -expression is

the expression of one’s own personality, feelings, etc, as in painting, poetry, or other creative activity.

The images you see here are just a few expressions of my own.



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