The Goddess of Kiwanis

A few weeks ago I did a photo session with one of my team mates, Avery. I chose Kiwanis park because the nice golden sunsets you get on the opposite side of the creek. Initially the plan was for Avery to model in her track gear with the sunset in the backdrop. However Kiwanis park is popular in Regina for it’s beautiful waterfall garden which attracts a lot of weddings and engagement events. I though about this and arranged with Avery to do a high-fashion themed shoot as well.

I loved this project as it turned out to be one of my most successful sessions to date. I edited to pictures to create a Mediterranean / poolside feel as I thought this best complimented her outfit. I also went for a dreamy effect when Avery decided to model in the pool. As she pulled her skirt to one side I thought about how interesting it would be if I could blend her skirt into the waterfall to make it seem as if she is wrapping it around her.

I gave it a shot and got the results I imagined. Avery looked like a mythological Greek aqua Goddess wading through the pool.

Recently I’ve been putting more planning into my sessions as I think it’s crucial to begin a session with a concept and see it through to the final jpeg or print.

Here are a few images from the session at Kiwanis Park. Enjoy!


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