Wascana Trails: The Prairie’s Wild Side

grant_1Only a half hour drive North of Regina, Wascana Trails is an adventure oasis in Saskatchewan’s seemingly boring and adrenaline deprived landscape. Located in a small valley there are a number of trails for every level of riders. There are the easy beginner trails, intermediate trails and the outrageous dare devil tracks that are only for those with a trusty bike and a heart marinated in courage!

There are a lot of switch backs and really steep gradients to keep you entertained. On a few of the trails you’ll be hopping over logs while riding under thick canopies which I find really amazing in the Prairies. Keep an eye out however for the local wildlife as we spotted a deer galloping across one of the trails while we were on one of the big descents. Also if you are biking along the river, look out for those sneaky hair pin turns or else you’ll be ditching your bike and be going for a swim.

Wascana Trails used to be known for one of its famous Toilet Bowl trail however due to the spring flooding about two years ago that section of the trail has been completely washed away. It used to be located just North of the car park and the trail hasn’t been blocked off so proceed with extreme caution if you just want to see the area. If it weren’t for my trusty brakes I would have flown right off the trail and on to that eroded slope which could have ended badly.

The trails doesn’t seem to be maintained frequently. Over grown bushes obscure some of the pathways which sometimes have you guessing if you are actually on a marked trail. If you are an adventure junkie like myself this shouldn’t matter much but it’s worth the mention. If I had a weed-wacker and a machete I would go and clean up some of those trails!

Wascana Trails is my new playground and I love it! Finally there is a place near Regina where I can go to get that roller coaster experience anytime I want without having to wait on the Exhibition to come to town! Looking at the terrain i’m sure it’s also a popular place in the winter for cross country skiing.

After biking around for over an hour, I decided to climb the highest point on the trails to get some photos of my buddy and adventure guru, Grant Furlan. At the summit of the extremely steep slope there are a few danger signs which I thought would make for a very good shot.

Just as a disclaimer, don’t try some of these stunts at home.



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