What an Awesome Job!


Vol. 55 Issue 25

This week marks the end of my term as lead Photographer and Graphics Editor of The Carillon. The good thing about it is that I’ll have more time to blog however I’ll will certainly miss all of the design challenges and assignments the editorial team and myself faced weekly. Being in the position has evidently improved my graphic designing skills and at the same time highlighted areas that I can improve in.

Traditionally The Carillon’s last issue of the year is a ‘hate issue’ that features articles about what the students dislike most about the University of Regina. The cover therefore has to sum up all these issues into one image which is usually easier said than done. With such a superb editorial staff, the creation of this final cover was so exciting from the brainstorming to the design stage. The idea was to to create a comic strip where all the student’s issues were ultimately defeated by a superhero/ villain. The animated violence also introduced an element of humor which made the cover more appealing.

I have to thank Julia Dima, our production manager for her awesome costume and set design for the photo shoot as well as to all the participating Carillon Staff members for showcasing their awesome acting skills!

Check out some more cover designs I did during my term as Graphic Designer at The Carillon below and also visit www.carillonregina.com for the latest campus news!


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