Academic Freedom

Finally I’ve emerged from the abyss of homework, projects and assignments for a breathe of air. There’s still one week of school left but I can’t wait to publish samples of all the great projects I’ve worked on since becoming the Visual Editor at the University of Regina’s student paper, the Carillon.

Here’s a image that I created this week that speaks to Academic Freedom. It is composed of a clipping  from a November, 1963 article by D.B. Blewett and a face who’s lips have been sewn shut.

Academic Freedom- What does it mean to you?

The clipping reads:

“The most menacing of all views of the University is that which sees it as a corporation. Seen as a business enterprise the University mus protect its position. Its public relations must be sound and its funds assured. Its image becomes far more important than its curriculum and its image is based upon the acceptance of right of thinking, respectability, lack of controversy, social docility and a particular attachment to whatever propaganda most suits those who supply funds. Its make moral cowards of its faculty and student body and surrenders academic freedom, individuality and democracy for the pieces of silver it can wheedle. It confuses ‘sound’ administration and economic and political craftiness with wisdom.”

D. B. Blewett, Nov. 1963

Regina Beach Retreat

working paper.



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