Giant Mangos

I was at  the Newspaper office this morning when of the local taxi drivers came through the door with what at first appeared to be melons in his hand. Upon closer inspection every one were shocked to find out that they were mangos, a tropical fruit that only grows to the size of a baseball. These fruits were huge, so much so that I had to write a commentary about them  for the paper. Here is the excerpt;

Giant Mangos Grown in Anguilla

 Mr. Teddy Harrigan of Shoal Bay is having the Harvest of his life after managing to grow 3 supersized mangos collectively tipping the     scales at over 11 pounds. The largest mango was the size of a small melon and weighed in at an unheard of 5 and a half pounds. The giant mangos were the fruit of a graphed mango tree which he managed to import from St. Lucia.

Speaking of how he managed to produce the mangos Mr. Harrigan exclaimed, “I do not use any fertilizers.  I don’t believe in it.” He mentioned that the tree was grown in a mixture of local soil and fowl manure. This is the 4th year that Mr. Harrigan’s tree has produced the fruit, averaging around 50 mangos each time that vary in size. 


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