Anguilla’s Lizards

You barking up the wrong tree!

The Anolis gingivinus also known as the Anguilla Anole lizard is the main species of lizard in Anguilla. Often found in tress and on walls, these lizards can vary the colour of their skin to blend in with the environment. This is a necessary trait as the Anguilla Anole makes a tasty snack for its main predator the Killy Killy, which is also known as the American Kestrel. The Killy Killy is a small version of a hawk that feeds on small rodents and lizards. It can also remain stationary in the air while it scans the surrounding terrain for prey.

The Anguilla Anole feeds on bugs and small spiders and occasionally sheds its skin. When mating and claiming territory they bob their heads up and down and also extend their dewlaps which is an excess of bright yellow skin from their under their neck. They can also detach their tail to distract pursuing predators and a new one will regrow over time.

They are usually pretty timid creatures running away at the first sign of danger but this little fellow was trying to chase me and my lens off of his tree!

The title of Lizard King in Anguilla however, goes to the Ameiva fuscata or Ground Lizard. As its name suggests this lizard only dwells on the ground and as a result it is extremely fast. With powerful hind legs the Ground Lizard can run away from almost any sign danger very quickly. Its diet consists of small bugs and fallen fruit which it finds by scurrying  through leaves with its powerful legs. Ground Lizards can grow to be over one foot in length.


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