The Hibiscus: The tropical symbol of Beauty

Very common in the Tropics the Hibiscus flower has large magnificent petals with a  long and attractive filament. It is often worn as a decorative head piece among the women of the Caribbean islands and as a result it has become a regional symbol of beauty and fashion.

There are over 200 known species of Hibiscus flowers but there is one that is a delicacy in the Caribbean. The flower buds of the  Hibiscus Sabdariffa better known as the Roselle or Sorrel plant are harvested around the Christmas time and used as the main ingredient in creating Sorrel, a very popular local drink.

While shooting the this lovely flower I couldn’t help but notice this little fly that kept buzzing around. Assuming it was also looking for a photo I turned the barrel of my lens to it and the fly settled on a near by leaf for a nice close-up.


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