Tucson, Arizona

Hey everyone, first let me apologize for not blogging in the past two weeks. My excuse? Well I was in the desert …. Ok ok lame excuse because I had access to food, water, shelter and most importantly internet! I left Regina for Tucson, Arizona to attend a track & field training camp where I was fortunate to break a sweat alongside top Canadian athletes such as Perdita Felicien, Jessica Zelinka and  Allister Mcqueen just to name a few. Speaking of sweat, the apparent joke on the way to Tucson was that you don’t sweat in Arizona because it is too hot and

Pushing that mini van to the limit!

dry. At first I thought that was just a myth but on the first day of camp I experienced the truth in that statement. With an average temperature somewhere in the 90’s, it’s so hot and dry that sweat seemingly turns to dust and gives your skin a dry ashy feel to it. Heat stroke and dehydration were the factors that we were at high risk for and as a result we had to weigh-in every morning to ensure that our body’s water weight was at a safe amount.

As you could see I had my hands full, so I arranged to take some photos of the sunset on the very last day. We chased the sun across Speedway boulevard as it dipped behind the  eastern foothills and upon winding our way through the hills we passed a road sign that said “Watch for Ice”. In a desert where the temperature is always a scorching 90+ degrees Fahrenheit I thought it was hilarious to have a sign like that however, it’s not impossible for snow to fall in the winter season as it has happened before in Tucson.

After putting the suspension and the braking system in our mini van to the test we finally made it to the other side of the hills. As we pulled of to the side of the road the now glowing ball of light, seemingly tired after a hard day’s work slowly sunk behind the horizon of an extremely vast desert valley. The Cacti stood erect on the hills behind us as if they were saluting the fading sun.

I followed a small foot trail up into the hills to see what interesting things I could find before the sun retired. In my mind I was hoping to come across a rattle snake which would have made my day but instead I found thorns,… actually they found me! They got everywhere, in my boots, on my back pack, in my hands but I was apparently too overwhelmed with my mini expedition which may be why I felt no pain.

After Tucson I’ll be heading home to my tiny Caribbean Island of Anguilla where i’ll have lots to show you!

Bonus Vlog!


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