Downtown Regina

The capital of Saskatchewan with a relatively small population of 200,000. Founded in 1882, 160km North of the US border, Regina is a city that has a small town feel to it. Regina’s downtown core is certainly not the sleepless commuter metropolis like  Toronto and New York but its similar on a much smaller scale.

Having an hour to spare, my buddy and I drove downtown and due to the nice weather I grabbed my camera as well. As Regina’s skyline breaks the horizon its most distinct feature will be the McCallum Hill Centre. It is composed of two uniquely slanted towers with a third currently under construction. Scarth street, the epicenter of Regina’s downtown passes directly between Hill tower 1 and 2. Along Scarth street there’s a definite contrast between architectural  designs. Frederick W. Hill Mall building’s old clock tower and the more modern straight lines and edges of the Hill towers gives the necessary urban feel the area. Also no concrete jungle can be complete without its pigeons. Mostly hanging around on the building’s windows sills, I managed to capture one against a stained glass painting as it swooped down to the street.

At the corner of 12th and Hamilton street a sculpture of four geese  entitled “Western Spirit” stands just outside the Conexus center.

After getting a few photos of the sculpture, I headed south on Hamillton until some interesting wall painting caught my eye going down a back alley. The northern side of the building’s wall as painted in black and white and appeared to depict a gloomy and rainy day. However, the building’s western wall illustrated the essence of summer with bright vibrant colors of flowers and so on.

In the alley was the most peculiar little green chair that was just randomly placed against the wall. The black & white background made this little chair stand out and it was curiously smaller than the street benches that were around. Perhaps it was forgotten by urban elves or it’s just an artistic contributions for the paintings on the wall.


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