Shots in the hallway

Again Canada never ceases to disappoint me when it comes to weather. After Saturday’s beautiful +16 C, the thermometers hardly rose above +2 C and on Monday Mother Nature was bold enough to carpet our spring-deprived, half green grass once again with that white slurry of snow. Ever since I did an ‘impromptu photo shoot’ at my apartment earlier this year, my friends have been eager to do another every time they came over. Since going outside wasn’t an option, and with nothing else to do, along came the opportune time for photo shoot #2.

Armed with  just my Nikon D70s, SB-600 speed light, and a bed room lamp, I took the girls and guys into the hallway to see what we could capture. After experimenting with the angles, lighting and posing we captured a few images that warranted our satisfaction.


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