A walk through Wascana

Beautiful but deceptive

As spring approaches Wascana Park springs back to life. Yet another beautiful afternoon I decided to grab my gear and head out to Wascana park to see what images I could gather. The park is pretty much a scenic trail along the banks of Wascana Lake which is home to many kinds of water fowl; ducks, geese, gulls etc.

The park has two major trails, a red trail to the east and a blue trail to the west. I walked half of the blue trail from Broad Street heading west to Albert Street, stopping at Pine Island along the way. On Pine Island the warm spring air was bustling with gulls as I aimed my camera at the sky.

The bridge that leads to Pine Island

After Pine Island I made my way over to Regina’s Legislative Building, a landmark that adds a mid 20th century feel to the surrounding area.

On the way back most of the seagulls had flocked to the shores of the lake as they were fed bread crumbs. It was no surprise when these majestic and peaceful creatures that earlier graced Pine Island turned vicious and savage in the presence of food!

As the sun fell and the temperature dropped and I began to make my way home when something interesting caught my eye. A few steps off the main trail was a 12 foot tall totem pole. The plaque beside it indicated that it was donated by the native indian people of British Colombia to commemorate the centenary of the union, July 2oth, 1871 of the province of British Columbia with Canada.


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