Last weekend I went on a road trip to Rapid City, Manitoba. This small little town 32km North of Brandon is very secluded and quiet and it sits on the banks of the Little Saskatchewan River. Aside from a river Dam, Rapid city boasts a natural fish ladder. A fish ladder is a stepped stream that flows adjacent to the dam where the fish has to work against the water flow to make it to the top where after they can swim over into the reservoir.

The fish ladder presented a great opportunity to catch some photos of migrating pickerel that occasionally jumps the steps to make it to the top of the ladder. After many failed attempts and spending over an hour fishing for a shot, I finally caught one of the tired pickerel falling back down the stream after fighting the strong currents near the top.

I must say I’ve gained a lot of respect for those die hard wildlife photographers because it all comes down to patience in the end to capture a shot.

Getting these sort of shots all come down to a matter of chance


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